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Our People

The team at Vismo share a common bond and passion, to help our customers improve the safety of their mobile employees and to help reduce employee and business risk.

 All of us here at Vismo share in building better propositions for our customers and are always keen to listen and learn. What we know is that it’s good to spend time understanding those that we work with as this helps us deliver a better solution and ultimately happier, safer users. Come and talk to us.

Tim Williams


Tim Williams is the Chairman and founder of Vismo, establishing the company in 2012. As Chairman, Tim is responsible for the governance of the Board, ensuring its effectiveness and setting its agenda. Tim is Chairman of three innovative mobile communications based companies, Cellhire, Wireless CCTV and Vismo.

Colin Dale

Director of Global Sales

Colin is the Director of Global Sales at Vismo and has many years’ experience in delivering solutions to protect globally travelling employees. Colin has key interests in supporting organisations to ensure their employees are safe whilst travelling around the world and building lasting relationships with clients. Colin enjoys nothing more than spending his free time in the Arctic Circle backcountry skiing and sleeping in a tent in -30°C temperatures. He says its a great opportunity to test the latest satellite tracking devices on Vismo.

Patrick Histon

.NET Developer

Patrick is a .NET Developer at Vismo and has over 12 years’ experience in software development. Patrick is passionate about ensuring his work makes a difference, solving challenging software problems and putting every effort into making sure the Vismo Products remain cutting-edge.

Teal Roscott

Account Manager

Teal is deeply invested in ensuring clients receive excellent customer service. Teal has a passion for ensuring travellers are kept safe and this is demonstrated through the great relationships Teal builds with clients to make sure all their needs are met.

Jen Brady

Marketing Manager

Jen has over 12 years' experience in digital and direct marketing across multiple industries including healthcare, science and education. As an experienced Marketer, Jen is responsible for all marketing functions for Vismo. Outside of work, Jen loves travelling, hiking and skiing.

Parm Bassi

Business Development Executive

Parm has over 15 years of experience working for international corporations in the financial, IT and business sectors. As an experienced Business Development Executive at Vismo, Parm is responsible for growth and bringing long-term value to the company and clients. Outside of work Parm enjoys hiking in the Yorkshire Dales and keeping fit.

Kevin Bob

Business Development Manager

Kevin has experience in business development, sales, marketing, project management, budgeting, customer service, and process improvement, with hands-on expertise in evaluating growth strategies and lead generation.  As a Business Development Manager at Vismo, Kevin is responsible for the growth and development of the US market.  In his spare time Kevin is a Registered Parliamentarian (RP) who enjoys smoking meats and vegetables along with creating new profiles of Bourbon and Whiskey.

Craig Swallow


Craig has over 18 years direct experience of developing and delivering lone worker solutions to clients across the globe. Craig has a passionate focus on achieving valued solutions that deliver meaningful benefits to both employer and employee. Craig has always been an active member of standards boards with a focus on worker safety solutions, alarm receiving centres and body worn video.

Rob Harwood

Director of Technology

Our Technology Director, Rob, has many years' of experience in developing the Vismo products and services. Rob has key interests in understanding customer requirements and developing our products and services to ensure we can meet these needs.

Josh Yardimci

Sales & Business Development Director - North America

Josh has 5 years’ experience in working closely with organisations to help protect their employees through implementing a monitoring and safety solution. Josh builds great relationships with clients to ensure they receive stellar ongoing support and assistance through providing regular training sessions and visiting clients onsite.

Michael Kendra

Account Manager

Michael is an Account Manager at Vismo. Michael is interested in building long term relationships with clients as well as understanding the challenges clients face and finding the best solution to manage and solve the issues faced.

Elaine Yuan

Finance Manager

Elaine has over 10 years of accounting, audit & finance experience, working for a number of multinational corporations. Her fantastic numerical and analytical skills will be a great asset to Vismo and our financial department. Outside of work, Elaine loves going to the gym, walking her dogs and gardening.

Ben Sullivan

Customer Support Specialist

Ben is responsible for our post-sale customer service and is the central point of support within Vismo.

Shea Jonsson

Service Delivery Manager

Shea brings over five years of experience in client services to her role as a skilled and motivated team leader, with a strong record of success in managing client relations and teams. Her positive and proactive approach is focused on achieving results and fostering long-lasting relationships, as well as empowering individuals and cultivating partnerships. Outside of her professional life, Shea enjoys traveling, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.

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