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Global Traveller

Understanding the whereabouts of your staff abroad and interpreting their risks is key for any employer.

Vismo can help your security teams and managers easily locate and communicate with staff when there is risk, thus delivering true peace of mind to all concerned.

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Features and Benefits

Incident Management

When an incident occurs, locate travellers instantly within the vicinity of the impact area or close by. Use Incident Management as part of your action plan to help safeguard those at risk.

Mass Notification

Provide immediate & critical information to employees within a specific geographic area, a large group or to selected individuals. Find out employees safety status by using Vismo’s In-App Mass Notification messaging and deploy bespoke/client defined user responses. A full audit trail of send, delivery and read is available. Additional costed options to send via SMS and/or automated voice are also available.

Points of Interest

Add Points of Interest (POIs) onto the map to understand where a key point is in relation to travellers, such as COVID-19 cases, airports or hospitals.

Red Alert

Provide employees with a Red Alert feature in case of emergencies, when activated audio is automatically recorded for security teams to better understand the situation at hand.


Add virtual Geo-Fences around high-risk areas or places of safety to alert the necessary teams when travellers enter or exit these areas.


Check on your employees wellbeing and provide support to them when appropriate. Vismo can prompt the user and ask how they are feeling, within the Vismo App they can select 'Good', 'OK' or 'Not Good'. The employer can decide the options to an employee if they press 'Not Good', this could include calling a helpline, requesting a follow up or the employee can remain anonymous.

Benefits to Employer

Manage Liability and Risk

Organisations can manage and reduce their liability by cross referencing employee locations with known risks or an emergency incident situation. Reduce employer business risk and reputational brand damage by having the ability to actively or passively track international travellers in an emergency situation or on entry to defined Geo-Fence.

Business Continuity

Ensure your organisation is fully prepared and has put adequate safety measures in place to protect employees if an incident was to occur. Using the Vismo Secure Portal can help play a vital part in your dynamic business continuity plan.

Benefits to Employee

Increase Awareness

Through the Vismo App, employees can view their location and add Geo-Fences to the map. This can include areas of high-risk, enabling the individual to check the area and quickly contact the security teams through the Red Alert within the Vismo App if needed.

Peace of Mind

Provide peace of mind knowing the organisation has mitigated the risks and if an incident was to occur, the traveller can be instantly located and contacted.

These are just some of the benefits of Vismo Global Traveller, talk to us to find out more

See How Vismo Works

This brief video summarises how Vismo’s highly optimised technology works in real-time to keep your travelling employees safe. Watch it to find out more.

The Vismo App

To protect the safety of internationally travelling employees, the Vismo App can be downloaded and activated on an individual's smartphones and/or tablet.

The App can be highly customised and branded with a client’s corporate look and feel. The Red Alert provides peace of mind for travellers, knowing managers can be immediately alerted in an incident occurred. Ease of use as well as highly optimised battery performance are always key points of focus for Vismo.

The Vismo Portal

The Vismo Secure Portal enables security teams to monitor the locations and safety of travelling employees. The Vismo Secure Portal is compatible on PC, Tablet and the Monitor App is available on smartphones.

Active Alerts

When a user activates the Red Alert, administrators are automatically alerted via SMS, Email and through the Vismo Monitor App, ensuring immediate support can be provided.

Incident Management

When an incident occurs, the security team can view the incident area and identify any travellers in the area on the Secure Portal.

App Configuration

Organisations can change the look and feel of the Vismo App to make it specific to the organisation. A company logo can be uploaded, the tiles are interchangeable and company websites and numbers can be added.

The Monitor App

The Vismo Monitor App delivers notifications and alerts directly to your authorised administrators' mobile devices. All of the important details are displayed such as the users last known location, phone number, email address and an audio recording from when the alert was activated.

Case Studies

For many years, Vismo has helped Fortune 500, FTSE 100 companies, NGOs and Charities better protect their employees. Vismo is committed to ensuring organisations have the correct measures in place to protect employees no matter what their working environment, or where they are in the world.

Read our case studies to find out how we have supported some of our clients in numerous verticals and helped them better protect their employees, respond rapidly to incidents and remove risk. This selection of case studies displays the commitment & passion from Vismo to locate and protect employees in a wide range of situations, from globally traveling employees to local Lone and Home Workers.

Range of Devices

If you'd rather not use Vismo's highly optimised Apps, then consider Vismo's range of dedicated, fit for purpose devices that are an alternative way to ensure employee safety can be monitored, no matter how remote the area is.

See Global Traveller in Action

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