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Remote Worker


To protect the safety of remote working employees, the Vismo App can be downloaded and activated on an individual’s smartphones and/or tablet.

The App can be highly customized and branded with a client’s corporate look and feel.

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Customizable Branding & Tiles

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Apps & Devices

​Choosing the right solution for your workforce will need to take account of the type of work they do, where they operate and the risks they may face. For many, the Vismo App will be the best and most flexible solution but if you’d rather not use Vismo’s highly optimized Apps, then consider Vismo’s range of dedicated, fit for purpose devices that are an alternative way to ensure employee safety can be monitored, no matter how remote the area is.

The Vismo Portal & Monitor App

The Vismo Secure Portal enables designated administrators or a 24/7 monitoring centre to respond to safety incidents raised by your lone workers. The Vismo Secure Portal is securely accessed via your web browser as well as through the Vismo Monitor App, available on iOS or Android smartphones.

Active Alerts

​When a user activates the Red Alert, administrators are immediately alerted on the Vismo Portal and by SMS, Email or through the Vismo Monitor App, ensuring immediate support can be provided.

Incident Management

​Should an incident occur, administrators and elected points of contact can view the incident area and identify any staff in the area on the Secure Portal and manage a prioritized response.

App Configuration

​Depending on the Vismo licence deployed, organizations have options to change the look and feel of the Vismo App to make it specific to your organization. A company logo can be uploaded, the tiles are interchangeable and company websites and numbers can be added.

The Monitor App

The Vismo Monitor App delivers notifications and alerts directly to your authorized administrators' mobile devices. All of the important details are displayed such as the users last known location, phone number, email address and an audio recording from when the alert was activated.

See Remote Worker in Action

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